WHAT IS A DOHAR? Dohars are traditional Indian blankets, made of 100% cotton, hand-printed with colourful patterns, and customarily swaddled around infants at birth. They are a feature in the life of many a mother and child, combining comfort and versatility.

WHY DO A DOHAR? Dohars are different to ordinary blankets in that they are made up of three layers of cotton. The printed pattern is only on the middle layer which shows through the outer layers, enabling the blanket to remain soft and untouched, providing remarkable comfort against sensitive skins. These dohars are made of 100% cotton. This natural fabric ensures that the blankets are versatile in different temperatures. The cotton keeps your baby cool on warm summer days, and protected on chilly nights due to the three layers that insulate. They are adorned using the ancient art of wood block printing, which uses child-safe dye to create unique patterns. You can use the dohar as a blanket, swaddle, floor mat, burp cloth, a pram shade, or simply as a comforter.

This versatile blanket can be neatly folded away making it perfect for travel. And when you are done with it for the day, simply throw it in the washing machine: these blankets may be soft but they are also tough! The natural fibres take well to cleaning and stains come out easily. They become softer and softer the more they are washed.


All items will be shipped on receipt of payment. Please allow 5-7 working days for delivery within the UK and Europe, 10 days for outside Europe.


Due to the products being handmade there might be some variations between items, but all care has been taken to ensure that all dohars are of the upmost quality. In the event there is a defect to any item, returns will be considered within 7 days of its receipt date. Please email describing the defect. Do not forget to include your name, email address, phone number, item name and reason for the return and we will contact you to advise how to proceed.

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