Makers of top quality organic extra virgin olive oils. Grown on Lesvos Island Greece; the olives harvested only in December, milled the next day, the oils bottled unfiltered and unadulterated as soon as possible in the UK in January.  AVLAKI oils aim to retain as much as possible of the astonishing aroma and taste of freshly milled oils - as well as the nutrional benefits.   Few EVOOs are as fresh. 

Avlaki has 2 'finishing' oils from 2 separate and distinct terrains which each have quite dfferent characteristics: 'Agatherí Groves' is complex and sophisticated with long afternotes,  excellent for the more delicate ingredients. 'Avlaki Groves',  more buttery and fruity,  works well with more vibrant tasting foods.  There is also a general purpose oil 'Lesvos Groves' for all kinds of cuisine. 

Oils from Lesvos are noted for their exceptionally light consistency, which never overwhelms food - and so makes them very useful for the wide variety of cuisines we now enjoy. 

AVLAKI is a British company,  the two Directors supervise every stage of making the oils from the tree to the bottlel their names on the labels guarantee provenance, authenticity and quality 

Avlaki's oils are certified organic at every stage of the production from tree to bottle and verified 'extra virgin' with extensive chemical and organoleptic testing by an IOOC accredited laboratory. 



Free of Charge UK mainland shipping.

Post and packing are included in the price for the UK and the Republic of Ireland.  For orders from further afield,  please contact AVLAKI directly: info@oliveoilavlaki.com  phone +44 77 2141 0974

 We will normally send your order within 7 working days.  We will contact you if we are unable to deliver within this time.



If you wish to return a product for any reason, please contact us on info@oliveoilavlaki within 7 days of receipt. We will advise you of the correct address for the return of the goods. Returns must be within 28 days.  Please attach photographs giving evidence of your reasons for return.  

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