Spirit-Boutique – your opportunity

Spirit-Boutique is the online boutique shopping experience created from the established and successful Spirit Fairs team. Spirit-Boutique has been designed around our existing and highly successful model of matching up-market retailers with affluent and discerning shoppers.

Spirit Boutique is a unique market place to retail your products in a designed and inspiring site, with editorial support from the established Spirit brand and House & Garden magazine. This is your opportunity to be seen by some of the most discerning shoppers in the UK, all sourcing something unique from our unrivalled collection of boutiques.

Each and every new retailer is required to be approved by our vetting team, to ensure each and every product is of the right style and quality for Spirit-Boutique. With a limited number of retailers, our aim is to ensure we present the very best of what’s loved, what’s new and what’s next.... If you think you would fit right in, we would love to hear from you.

We look forward to hearing from you......Team Spirit.

How to Apply

To present the very best collections, our selection team are the key to ensuring Spirit-Boutique is an unrivalled shopping experience. Our application process allows you to tell us why you’re special, and why your products should be part of our unique collection. We will require quality product imagery and further details on your products, prices and delivery terms. So get in touch today and why not also apply for our live events at the same time and meet our loyal consumers face-to-face. Once you’re approved, we will work with you to create your perfect on-line boutique and tell our customers that you’re new to get you started for successful trading on Spirit Boutique! 


To apply to become a retailer or if you wish to discuss the opportunity further, please contact Kathy or Catherine by email or phone


Kathy Robertson             kathy.robertson@clarionevents.com        020 7384 8136


Catherine Thake             catherine.thake@clarionevents.com        020 7384 8132