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Glass Domed Board by The Oak and Rope .

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It doesn't matter how deft your piping nor how light your fairy cakes, a showstopper presented on a paper plate isn't ever going to win your star baker - and it probably will earn you one of Mary's disapproving stares.

On the other hand, a bit of graceful height can elevate (not just literally) even the most-humble of Victoria sponges to afternoon-tea-worthy status.

Our versatile, hand engraved stands are complimented with a clear glass dome, creating a beautiful environment for those hard won bake off centerpieces.

With two size options available, the smaller stand height is 19cm off the table and the larger measures 23cm as standard, but can be made to any height.

The whole stand comes in three parts making it easy to store, however left on display, it transforms into a beautiful object to be admired. You also have the option to present your perfect patisserie on the stand alone board.

The small stand can take up to 30 hand carved characters and the larger stand can take up to 36 characters. Displaying your house name, quote or a simple saying that you feel best describes your baking mood.

Retailer Information

The Oak and Rope Company design and make a range of unique hand engraved gift solutions in oak. The collection includes cheese/bread/chopping boards, benches, garden swings, butler trays, wine racks, toast racks, desk tidy's and much more. They are all hand engraved with the wording of your choice. Typically they are engraved with names, dates, house names and sayings.

The company was established in 2009 and their products can now be found all over the world. Adds a touch of texture, warmth and wit to your home. Contemporary designs made using traditional craftmanship in exceptional quality. Very popular presents that can best be described as: \"Something you have never seen before, but you have always wanted and you know is going be treasured forever.\" Made and carved by hand in our Kent workshop. Our studio and workshop is now open weekdays 9-5 or by appointment. Our unique & personalised solid oak designs are perfect for any occasion.



Our current delivery time is approximately 2-3 weeks for new orders, from £5.00 delivery. If you have any questions, please contact us via the 'contact the retailer' tab.


As these are mostly personalised products we cannot offer any returns. If you have any questions, please contact us via the 'contact the retailer' tab.



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