Spirit Boutique FAQs

If I trade on-line with another market place, can I still take part?
Some online market places state that you must request permission to sell on other platforms. Please check your agreement with them to confirm that you are able to trade with us.


If I trade on Spirit-Boutique.com, can I still sell with other on-line market places?
We believe in fair business and do not restrict any retailers from selling elsewhere, however we recommend that you sell some exclusives through us and ensure that your prices remain consistent


Can I have my own postage and packaging costs and delivery details?
Yes, your micro-site will contain all this information and the customer will agree to your company terms when they complete a transaction.


Is there a minimum amount of products that I have to display?
Whilst our package allows 30 products, we recommend you show at least 10 items if possible.


Will I be able to upload different products regularly?
Yes, you will have full control to update your products and descriptions on the CMS system; please note all new products will have to be approved via vetting and a system is in place for you to apply through the CMS system for an efficient vetting decision.


Do I pay commission on returns?
No, provided a return is logged and within a specific time frame. Further details will be available on your contract terms & conditions.


What is the minimum term of the contract?
Spirit-Boutique.com requires an initial minimum 12 month subscription.

How do I set up my Internet Merchant Account?
Nochex, our Internet Merchant Account provider will be in contact after we have received your signed contract to set this up with you


Who are Nochex?
Nochex was founded in 2000; they launched their UK-based online payment services in 2001. Nochex provides online payment services to more than 5,000 merchants in the UK. The company successfully handles over 1 million online transactions a year – out of an estimated 1.3 billion online payment transactions originating in the UK. Nochex is certified by the Financial Services Authority as a small Emoney Issuer.


What benefits will this Nochex partnership bring to me?
A Nochex Merchant Account gives you all the powerful features that you would expect from any other market leading online payment solution. The Nochex merchant account includes giving you increased transaction limits, increased withdrawal limits, UK and International payments, no consumer probation period, a configurable payment page and a dedicated account manager with phone support. Please see further information by visiting; http://www.nochex.com/merchant-account/.

What is the Nochex £50 set up fee?

The low cost, Nochex one off set up fee covers the cost of performing a Credit Check, creating your merchant account and on-going support and administration.


When will my first subscription need to be paid?
The one off lifetime subscription plus £50 Nochex set up fee is due 30 days prior to the activation date.


How do I pay my subscriptions?
Subscriptions can be paid via bank transfer, debit or credit card or cheque.

How will the commission be deducted from my account?
All deductions will take place automatically after each transaction (total sale value plus P&P) has been processed through your Nochex Merchant Account. You will be able to clearly see these deductions on your Nochex Account log in page:

• Nochex charge a 2.9% payment processing fee + £0.20p per transaction (see clause 10.5), which is a very competitive processing fee for an online merchant account.
• Spirit-Boutique.com deducts 20% commission off the total transaction.


Do the subscription options include VAT?
All subscription options exclude VAT.


How do I terminate my contract if I wish to end my subscription?

A minimum notice of 3 months will need to be given if you wish to terminate your contract with Spirit-Boutique.com at the end of your 12 month contract.