C is for Cricket Fine Bone China Mug

C is for Cricket Fine Bone China Mug by A P Illustrations

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C is for Cricket Fine Bone China Mug.
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For me, drawing is about bringing something alive. I love the power of imagination. I enjoy immersing myself in drawing. I get lost in creating my work and aim for the viewer to do the same. I strive for the detail that enables somebody to enter my world.

I am fascinated by the process of developing sequential narratives. Storylines intrigue me and bring up challenges and questions like: how do I hook an audience, how do I maintain their interest, how do I build expectation and how do I finish? This interest has led me to forms such as animation, which I would love to do more of, and also linked images and book form.  The packaging of my work is important, too. Presentation is a key factor, for me it is all to do with expectation and making your audience active, they have to participate  in the process.
While some of my work is aimed at adults, much of it is aimed at children.     
My favourite influences range from the dark humour of  Tim Burton's weirdly wonderful movies to the tranquil charm of  E.H. Shepard's all- time classic illustrations in Winnie the Pooh and Wind In The Willows. Reading books to my little boy ignites the same feelings in me, I love to enter someone else’s world and embrace all it has to offer.  Bringing a story to life really gives me a buzz. It links me to an imaginary world full of detail that finds a place in my head. I love to bring something alive.
For the past 5 years I have been self-employed as a portrait and wedding photographer and this has had a huge impact on my work in helping me grasp the concept of composition and proportion. I will often photograph the positions and areas or textures to get a good concept of how they will look in my work, so I know that I will get the correct textures and angles. I find that working in this way allows me to have a good idea of realistic composition.
I also love portraiture and am equally happy capturing my subject's character in intimate pencil portraits...be it a child, or simply someone's favourite dog or pony or cat.
With every brief I have been given I relish the challenge. I love the challenge of the new journey that my research will take me on, it is quite often to places I wasn’t expecting at all.

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