Inky Kitten Phone Case|£28.50|/kate-moby/inky-kitten-phone-case Malabar White|£80.00|/tobias-clothing/malabar-white Vermeil Square Drop Earring With Aqua Chalcedony|£60.00|/pomegranate/vermeil-square-drop-earring-with-aqua-chalcedony Hen Egg Cup|£17.00|/hop-peck/hen-egg-cup White Wooden Letter Rack|£22.00|/the-contemporary-home-ltd/white-wooden-letter-rack Strawberry Leggings|£11.00|/blade-rose/strawberry-leggings Bandra in Lime|£145.00|/bombay-bag-co/bandra-in-lime Dog Print Linen Cushions|£45.00|/mutts-and-hounds/dog-print-linen-cushions Tangled Fragment Vessels|£50.00|/timea-sido-contemporary-ceramics/tangled-fragment-vessels Addie Cable Knit Jumper with Button Detailing,...|£145.00|/needle-knitwear-ltd/addie-cable-knit-jumper-with-button-detailing-pale-grey Milan|£28.50|/boho-betty-uk-ltd/milan Glass Jar Votive Candle Lantern With Heart|£5.00|/the-contemporary-home-ltd/glass-jar-votive-candle-lantern-with-heart Turquoise Table|£179.00|/decorus/turquoise-table Decidedly Invigorating Peppermint Body Wash |£13.00|/the-gentle-man-range/decidedly-invigorating-peppermint-body-wash

Our Heritage

Spirit-Boutique is all about discovering the most wonderful handpicked gifts and accessories for stylish living. Our passion for sourcing beautiful things stems from our Fairs with which we changed the face of Christmas shopping with the launch of Spirit of Christmas Fair, at London’s iconic Olympia back in 2001. Our boutique shopping events now extend into the summer season, presenting handpicked seasonal ranges and the very best in home, fashion and gifts.

Spirit Boutique – Unique Gifts for Stylish Living

Welcome to Spirit Boutique, your destination for stylish and unique gifts including clothing for men, women and children. Whether you are looking for gift ideas or want to treat yourself, our hand-picked selection has something special for everyone. more